Offering new possibilities
Cathay Biotech’s products, including a series of biological long-chain dibasic acids, bio-based pentamethylene diamine, and a series of bio-based polyamides, including TERRYL® for textile applications and ECOPENT® for engineering applications, have overcome many restrictions common to products made by traditional chemical methods or with petroleum-based materials. They provide more performance possibilities and more flexible selectivity aspects such as expanded application scenarios, performance improvements, advantageous cost and superior market competitiveness.
cost effectiveness
From nature, green and with a low-carbon footprint
Cathay Biotech’s products are all made with biological production methods which are based on a biological transformation process at room temperature, near neutral pHs, non-toxic raw materials and ambient pressure, using natural green genes. Our bio-based pentamethylene diamine and the bio-based polyamides are all produced with renewable biomass raw materials. These products are all recyclable and environmentally friendly.
R&D driven
Cathay Biotech is one of the leading high-tech enterprises in the industry that use biological manufacturing methods to produce new materials on a large scale. It is also an R&D-driven enterprise focusing on theoretical technology and industrial methods of biological manufacturing. Over the years, Cathay has always adhered to its R&D-driven strategy and focused on the combination of R&D and production in order to effectively meet the market’s demands. Cathay has accumulated a large number of proprietary research results in the fields of synthetic biology, biological engineering, biochemical engineering, polymeric materials and engineering, and has built a professional interdisciplinary R&D team with rich experience in molecular biology, chemistry, polymerization, material application and related aspects.
Intelligent biological manufacturing
Cathay Biotech, together with Siemens, has implemented full-life-cycle digital solutions for electrification, automation and digitization at the Wusu site, and is committed to building a world-class digital production base for biological manufacturing. Through the in-depth understanding of the internal parameters of the biological transformation processes, Cathay created an intelligent biological manufacturing process and enhanced its competitiveness by using Siemens' leading digital technology.